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Back in the Saddle

I've been mapping out my #Project15 goals on a weekly basis, in pencil, and when I achieve the daily goals - be it a wellness mission or a creative one - I go over the pencil in permanent marker as a visual reminder of the accomplishment. 

This past week has looked a bit... different in terms of my tracking.

At first glance, this looks like a loss. Complete and utter failure. Thankfully, a very insightful man (who I happen to be married to) just reminded me that there's actually a significant win here.

And that is this: the best part about getting super sick is how much it makes you appreciate being well. How much it drives your desire for wanting nothing but good health. And clarity. And an appetite. And exercise. God, I'll NEVER bitch about working out again. I will embrace it. Daily. I'm gonna hard core make out with the fact that my body can run, leap, jump, dance. I'm gonna move. Move. Move.  

Traditional meds are great, and I will certainly finish the antibiotics and prescription-strength cough syrup as directed, but I'm adding a strong dose of mind over matter to my routine. I'm evicting sick. Effective immediately. 

So thanks pneumonia. 'Prec the life lesson, you little rascal, you.

Consider yourselves warned, world. I'm officially back - maybe not twice as smart, but definitely twice as strong.