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hope·less se·man·tic

I have always loved words and the subtext that is found within them. How a single word and its definition can symbolize an entire story — fiction, non-fiction, the spaces between. How even the smallest of words reflect the narratives we are living, or want to live, or are witnessing around us, every day.

"Hopeless Romantic" refers to a person who has romantic notions about life; a person in love with love. I am a "Hopeless Semantic" - a person who carries semantic notions about life. A person in love with the interpretation of words and signs, and the search for meaning in the language we use with each other.

This project is an experiment in call and response. A curation of words and signs as they organically enter my atmosphere. A constellation of stories inspired by their true definitions, and deeper intentions.


THE mistakes WE MADE

A misunderstanding of intentions. Choices made in blunder. Misguided judgments and confusion of character. Happenstance leading to happiness. Mistakes are inevitable and universal; an experience repeated time and time again in various shapes and forms. In a series of connected stories and prose, The Mistakes We Made explores the necessity, beauty, and tragedy of these moments. Whether on the verge of making or navigating through the thick of it and the aftermath, this collection of case studies connects the dots between the decisions in life that bind us together, and the acts that pull us apart.

Coming Soon.